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My name is Veronica, I'm a licensed tour guide of one of the most fascinating Regions of Italy. Campania. My job offers me the great and unique opportunity to share my love and passion to the italian heritage with everyone that is interested. I provide private tours, tailor made experience and unique excursions. The sights that I visite with my clients are the archeological sites of Pompeii Herculaneum and Oplontis, the incredible town of Naples with her milleniar history, the famouse AmalfiCoast and the shining Island of Capri. My real passion are the hidden treasures of my land, so if you are a looking for a "explore and live like a local" experience, I'm the right guide for you

lunedì 9 settembre 2013

Epicuro, filosofia di Vita

Non si può non pensare ad Epicuro quando si visita il Museo Archeologico di Napoli nella Sezione della Villa dei Papirivi segnalo le mie citazione preferite dalle MASSIME CAPITALI    a presto al M.A.N.NVeronica      

Nessun piacere è di per se stesso un male: però i mezzi per procurarsi certi piaceri arrecano molti più tormenti che piaceri   

Non gioverebbe a niente il procurarsi sicurezza nei riguardi 
degli altri uomini finche si continuasse a nutrire timore riguardo a ciò che sta sopra di noi, o sottoterra, o in generale nell'infinito.

Di tutte le cose che la sapienza procura in vista della vita felice, il bene più grande è l'acquisto dell'amicizia 

domenica 11 agosto 2013

Villa San Marco in Stabiae always an unforgetable experience

Stabie was one of the most favorite Destination for roman patricians.Stabiae was discovered in 1749 by Bourbon excavators. It was not until 1950 that two magnificiant villas on the Varano Hill, buried by the eruptionof 79 A.D, were partially excavated.
if you want to know more Stabiae and the Suburban Villas

domenica 23 giugno 2013

NAPLES: hidden treasures under everybodys eyes

Two days ago I visited this incredible place with my clients, in the harbour of Naples where three big cruise ships, but we were the only visitors of this incredible monument with free entrence only 500 meters from the harbour away. 
Dear Visitors when you arrive in Naples, don't follow the mass, look around you and you will be surprised positively

Some information.....
"Castel dell Ovo is Naples oldest castle.
According to one of the most fanciful Neapolitan legends, the name of this castle derives from the egg that the Latin poet Virgil apparently hid in a cage placed in the dungeons of the castle. The
egg was locked up and kept hidden because "the fortune of the Sea Castle depended on that egg".

Since then, the destiny of that castle has been in parallel with the fate of that egg. Chronicles report that, during queen Anne's reign, the castle was heavily damaged when the hump-backed bridge connecting the two rocks the castle was built on collapsed, thus obliging queen Anne to reveal she had made sure the egg would be replaced so as not to spread panic among her subjects who feared further troubles and disasters."

martedì 21 maggio 2013

Halle Zeitung

Danke an meine Gruppe von letzter Woche

mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

Impressions from the Amalfi Coast
What a hard job


giovedì 11 aprile 2013


Italy and Food is not only an important  binomial fot the economy, it is  a way of Life in Italy.
Our Cousine is the result of thousand of years of history.
The interest in FOOD has  growen steadily.

In the last years, tasting becomes not enough, our clients want to be involve in the entire process of
The DIP Culinary Tours offers you a private excluvie view on the UNIVERSE FOOD.
From hands on cooking classes in typica italian homes, Restaurant Tours(including kitchens)
Culinary Trips. Wine, Oil and Cheese Tasting, we will create a programm on your needs and skills.
Here some ideas....
In our Archeology to Taste, you will travel back in history in the ancient roman cuisine.
on our Food and Art Tour in Naples, the lunch will be served in an unique location.
food art tours