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My name is Veronica, I'm a licensed tour guide of one of the most fascinating Regions of Italy. Campania. My job offers me the great and unique opportunity to share my love and passion to the italian heritage with everyone that is interested. I provide private tours, tailor made experience and unique excursions. The sights that I visite with my clients are the archeological sites of Pompeii Herculaneum and Oplontis, the incredible town of Naples with her milleniar history, the famouse AmalfiCoast and the shining Island of Capri. My real passion are the hidden treasures of my land, so if you are a looking for a "explore and live like a local" experience, I'm the right guide for you

venerdì 22 maggio 2015

the underworld


With the Art Metro we will reach Materdei Station, one of the most interesting modern art exposition in the world, from there we will walk through a particular borough of  Naples La Sanità, where we will walking deeper in the history of this great town. The Fontanelle cemetery  in Naples is a charnel house, an ossuary, located in a cave in the tuff hillside in the Materdei section of the city. It is associated with a chapter in the folklore of the city. Many Neapolitans, however, insisted on being interred in their local churches. To make space in the churches for the newly interred, undertakers started removing earlier remains outside the city to the cave, the future Fontanelle cemetery.
resurrected from the ashes as Fenic in the  rowdy  neighborhood materdei  strolling  through the narrow streets, sounds and colors of this city.

We continue by Art Metro by visiting Dante Square, the librarian street,  a characteristic part of the historical centre till reaching TOLEDO station


Nea-polis = New town

In no other place in the world the modernity is so important as the past. The most visitors of Naples come to enjoy our great history without knowing that also today Naples is a hotbed of new ideas, art, communication and culture.
Through this tour you will see the futuristic version of the city that does not screech with the ancient background , it emphasizes its beauty.

We will use the ArtMetrò of Naples for reaching the following museum of international interest, PAN, Madre and the Museum of the 900 located in the fascinating Castel Sant’Elmo.


Caravaggio the power of Light

In Naples Caravaggio lived only one year from the 1606-1607.
Caravaggio was the revolutionary genius of the 17° century.
His work influenced still the entire artistic world. The incredible use of the light, the introducing of «normal» persons in the architecture of his paintings.
In our town we have the luck to visit 3 masterpieces, in three different places.
The martyrdom of St Orsola, in the privat collection of Banca di Napoli
The scourging, in the Collection of the Capodimonte Museum

The seven Acts of Mercy, in the Church of the Pio Monte della Misericordia

Archeology To Touch


The archeological Museum of Naples offers one of the hughest collection of ancient artecrafts.
The most important Freskos and Mosaic of Pompeij.
The museum hosts extensive collections of Greek and Roman antiquities. Their core is from the Farnese Collection,. Among the notable works found in the museum are the Herculaneum papyri, carbonized by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, found after 1752 in Villa of the Papyri.
The museum's Mosaic Collection includes a number of important mosaics recovered from the ruins of Pompeii and the other Vesuvian cities. This includes the Alexander Mosaic, dating from circa 100 BC, originally from the House of the Faun in Pompeii.

Spaccanapoli is the straight and narrow main street that traverses the old, historic center of the city of Naples, It is her Decumanus Inferior, the lowest east –west connected Road. The entire downtown is nothing else that a chessboard. The name is a popular usage and means, literally, "Naples splitter".